Alex Putici

Unthankfulness Isn’t Necessarily A Bad Thing [2 min]

I’m a very grateful person. I have plenty to be thankful for.

Currently, I’m on a holiday in Montana, a trip I didn’t have to ask permission from anyone to go on. I’m with my family, including my brother who I see maybe once a year if I’m lucky. I received more gifts for Christmas than most people around the world will receive in their lifetime. Ultimately, I want for nothing. I’m extremely fortunate.

During this time of year, we are all told, and expected, to think about all the things that we are thankful for. For many, simply being born in Canada is enough – we’ve basically hit the life lottery, and it’s something we should never forget.

Recently, I went to see the movie ‘Joy’, which is the reason I write this post today. Without spoiling the film itself, it’s basically a rags to riches theme’.

I realized that in this movie, and many other stories like it, Joy didn’t have much to be truly thankful for. Yes, she had a roof over her head, but only barely. Yes, she had family around her, but they generally dysfunctional and mostly “takers”. Yes, she had food on the table, presumably – we never really saw, but she didn’t really have much to be truly thankful for.

The kind of thankfulness that puts you over the moon when you actually take a step back and think about it. Like the kind of thankfulness I feel when I look around myself right now. Or even a fraction of it.

<< Spoiler Alert >>

Though Joy becomes wildly successful, there was a lot of work to get there. However my observation is that Joys unthankfulness, or maybe, lack thereof is what set things in motion for her to have the ultimate success she did.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be thankful, I am saying however, that motivation often comes from pain and negativity. There are already stories I’ve heard in Calgary about those who have lost their jobs that are going after “what they really have always wanted”.

It’s in times like these, when life seems toughest, that we often are pushed to do our best and greatest work.