Alex Putici

Three Years Of Work Nicer [4 min]

Today marks exactly the third year since the doors opened at Work Nicer. It seems like it was far less than a year ago when I wrote this post about turning two. Alas, here we are, another year.

In the post from last year I reminisced about the very first Work Nicer home and now it seems like a truly distant memory, despite only being three years ago. I’m thinking about how making decisions and solving problems at the time seemed so big, hard, and full of risk but now in hindsight seem like no-brainers. Even though today at Work Nicer the decisions being made and problems being solved are bigger, tougher, and seemingly riskier – it makes me think about what I’ll be saying next year or in the years after that. Ultimately, decisions, problems, and risks don’t go away as you grow – they just get bigger and grow along with you.

Last year I wrote about how Work Nicer had grown from around 100 members to 190 members in the second year. Today Work Nicer has nearly doubled and is closing in on 380 members. The team has been working tirelessly over the last year on two new outposts (Beaver House in Edmonton and Red Mile in Calgary). It’s been a year full of extremely hard work, lessons, tough calls, and a lot of wins. Earlier this year I talked about my The Process in this blog post and in this video. As a team, we’re constantly working on something new, pushing our own limits, and working hard to deliver on Work Nicer’s guiding principles. We’ve added a whole pile of new perks and benefits while also realigning Work Nicer’s membership offering as announced at the most recent Town Hall (also something new that was launched this year).

Within the next two months there will be two additional outposts for the Work Nicer community to rally together. To work through the struggles and to celebrate the wins.

This couldn’t be done without a rockstar team that’s believes so deeply in what Work Nicer truly. I’m so thankful for Phoebe, Arielle, Jenn, and Bob who are growing this amazing place every day. After all, no one succeeds alone. I’m also so thankful for the amazing members who undoubtedly direct the efforts of both the Work Nicer team and the community as a whole. Every year, we put out at annual survey to members to tell us how on track or off base we are and where we should go next. Members – watch for that soon.

It’s been so nice to reflect about where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. The problems will surely be harder and the risks will seem bigger, but so will the wins.

Love you all,


PS: Please celebrate our third birthday and whatever you’re celebrating this year too on December 16 at the second annual Coworking Christmas.