Alex Putici

ScaleUp YEG Followup

Dear community:

This week was ScaleUP YEG and parts of the event were scheduled to take place at Work Nicer. I wrote a blog post about it. This blog post has caused a lot of problems, has unfairly called into question Paul’s reputation, and I’d like to follow up with a few things.

I recognize I made mistakes in how I handled this situation and I need to make some apologies. We all had a part to play in this, I’d like to apologize for mine.

I want to provide some context that I should have included previously.

Paul Singh was part of an expert panel along with Carey Houston and Kristina Milke. Amir Reshef from dealcloser was a participant in the event. At the end of the session, we received feedback from Amir that he felt he was treated unfairly in terms of the approach that was used to provide feedback on his presentation. We also heard from members of the dealcloser team, the organizers of ScaleUp YEG, and other attendees who reaffirmed this sentiment.

Paul, sorry for prematurely pulling the trigger on this. I wrote my blog post based on the above information. There are two sides to a story; I didn’t take the time to hear your side and I apologize. I reacted too quickly and made assumptions without your side of the story that led to making decisions that have unfairly impacted your reputation.

I also want to apologize to Sandra Spencer. Sandra, I am sorry I put you in a position that caused you significant problems. We respect ScaleUp, the work you do to support entrepreneurs, and the amount of effort you put into ScaleUp. I under-appreciated my influence in this situation.

In my original post I said that actions have consequences and I recognize that my actions have contributed to consequences. I want to thank Paul for maintaining an open and honest dialogue with me throughout this whole situation.

I appreciate Mack Male’s insight on this. He said “I believe they all genuinely want to see Edmonton’s startup community succeed.” At the end of the day this was the intent and my approach was haste. Again, I apologize for my part in this.