Alex Putici

Letter To Work Nicer Members About Roxbury [3 min]

Hey Members!

As always, thank you so much for your support of Work Nicer. I’m energized by our community every single day.

Today is a very exciting day. This may look long, but it’ll only take 3 minutes. Let’s avoid burying the lede and get right to it.

Work Nicer is opening a second location!! 🙂


Work Nicer’s mission has always been to add value to members. Growing our community provides more opportunities for dramatic impact. More friendships, partnerships, and ideas will form. More struggles will be overcome and more victories will be achieved.

Opening this location can add immense value to your membership. Secondary to the personal and creative impact, you’ll have access to another large board room with workshop style tables, another private meeting room, two more phone & meeting booths, another no-cost event venue, and more beer taps.

Rest assured, there are absolutely no changes to membership rates. Other coworking spaces with multiple locations mandate that members select a “home or primary” location and then require them to pay extra on a monthly or per use basis to access other locations. We aren’t doing that. We’ve never been about dollars first.

Community, preposterous value, and dramatic impact are Work Nicer guiding principles. I believe if we required you to select a “home” location that we’d be asking you to “pick a side”. This growth is essentially like our current location simply being 5,400 square feet larger – resulting in more collaborative spaces, meeting places, resources, and community members.

So where is it and how does it work?

It’s close. Only an 800m (10 min) stroll into the Beltline. If 800m is too far to walk, simply take the Work Nicer bikes back and forth — you’ll have bike storage there too. Do you take the train? It’s 650m (8 min) from the nearest C-Train station.

Originally built in 1900, the Roxbury building (yes, that’s actually what it’s called) is located at 1006 11th Ave SW – #200 and the aim is to open March 1st — wish us luck 🙂

Your key fob will work at each location, you’ll connect to WiFi automatically, and your time passes are valid at both. You can use both addresses for your mail and parcels, regardless of which spot you spend most of your time.

We’d love to give you a tour — just let us know when works for you. Roxbury is still under construction (teaser photo above). We’d love your input to make the space comfortable and useful. To ensure that community exists when Roxbury opens, we’ll be providing bonus time passes to all members who spend time at Roxbury in the early days. You’ve built this community and we’re excited to continue to build it with you.

We’ll announce Roxbury publicly sometime next week. Before that, early office access opportunities are available to current members. Please let us know if you are interested in a dedicated office and we can talk details.

Last thing. — I’m excited to introduce our Community Builder Program. For the month of February, we are providing any new member referred by you a 15% discount for the first three months (plus an extra 10% discount if it’s pre-paid). When you refer a new member who starts by March 1 you will also receive 15% off your membership for three months. Our hope is you’ll each spend some time at Roxbury to get things rolling.

Work Nicer is what it is because of you and I am so thankful to be a part of it. We’ll keep you posted on what’s next 🙂

Chat soon