Alex Putici

Right vs. Easy

Before you get to the original post, I’d like to add an update:

To Paul: Thank you for our one-on-one discussions and your willingness to have conversation . This all happened really fast and I should have taken greater steps to talk to you first or not mentioned your name specifically in my post without talking to you and I apologize. My role is to uphold the guiding principles of the Work Nicer community and this is where the decision came from. 


Dear community:

Alex here. I’m the Founder of Work Nicer Coworking.

This week ScaleUP YEG is running in Edmonton. As soon as Work Nicer heard about it, we jumped on board to support it. ScaleUp YEG is a fantastic initiative and we are excited to welcome ScaleUpYEG and love what it’s all about.

At yesterday’s ScaleUp event, there were some actions from one of the speakers, Paul Singh, that does not align with what the Work Nicer community stands for. As such, we have requested that if the event continues at Work Nicer, that Paul is not a participant in the event.

I hope this encourages conversation. This conversation should not be around what specifically was said, but about how individuals and the community were made to feel.

A community member was participating in a pitch event and was thereafter “roasted” and “humiliated”. Tough truths, direct feedback, and criticism is important. But it must be delivered respectfully while helping the individual and encouraging the community around them. This balance can be tricky, but it’s culture setting.

Paul’s resume and experience are impressive and there’s so much that can be learned from him. A person’s one-time actions should not define them, but actions should be owned, apologized for, and have consequences.

Work Nicer was looking forward to hosting the ScaleUp YEG events today but unfortunately, ScaleUpYEG has decided to keep this speaker and change the venue last minute. ScaleUP YEG will instead be hosted at Startup Edmonton.

Work Nicer Guiding Principle #3: Do what’s hard because growth comes from struggle.

Work Nicer Guiding Principle #4: Do what’s right because character is all we really have.

This isn’t a question of “Right vs Wrong” but “Right vs Easy”. There are several other decisions that could be made surrounding a situation like this that aren’t “wrong” but that simply doesn’t make them right — it makes them easy. It’s the little decisions, made consistently, that truly impact culture.

At the end of the day, the Work Nicer community is built on the foundation of empowering people, welcoming people, and creating a safe place for people to struggle, win, change, and learn. To grow, succeed and empower each other – we won’t tolerate anything but positively impacting each other.

To the Work Nicer community: We’ve always got your back.

To the extended community: We’re excited to continue to support your events, passions, initiatives, and welcome you to Work Nicer. We’ve got your back too.

No one succeeds alone,