Alex Putici

Release Your Inner Entrepreneur [2 min]

I never really actually defined myself as an Entrepreneur. My friends and acquaintances have kind of just started doing that on their own so eventually I figured I should start using it myself. But I have always loved business. My folks have owned several small businesses. I made my first business card when I was barely old enough to navigate Microsoft Word. I started my first “company” (using that word extremely loosely) in grade 9 or 10 with a couple of friends selling and installing car audio & video equipment (It was called 12v Ground, in case you’re interested). I incorporated my first company when I was 18 years old. Since then I have started three more companies and numerous side projects.

This drives my wife nuts. But I love it.

There was a period of 3-4 years where I was purely focused on “only” one company. It was a tough go and for a while. During part of that journey I was kind of down in the dumps, but I didn’t really know why. I only recently figured out that it was, at least partially, because I was getting kind of bored. The company is still around and strong – I absolutely love what we do for people but something just wasn’t right for me internally. It turns out that I just needed to reignite my inner flame and keep creating.

There is no better feeling than having an idea in your head and then turning that idea into not only something tangible, but something that people give you money for! People have plenty of places to spend their money and if they choose to give it to you for something that you, for lack of a better word, birthed, from nothing – well, what could be more satisfying than that?


Not every morning is a spring-out-of-bed-with-a-boatload-of-energy-and-rush-to-work kind of morning, but there are more up days than down days and that is something that I don’t believe a lot of people really have. If you have an idea bouncing around in your head, hop to it. Tell people about it. Get excited. Don’t worry about anyone stealing that idea – they won’t. Release your inner-entrepreneur.

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