Alex Putici

Calgary Needs Coworking Now More Than Ever [3 Min]

I’m not talking about the vast amount of open spaces that companies are renting out to try and pay some of their rent. I’m not talking about someone who could use a desk moving into “Johnson’s” old office in a corporate space that lacks optimism.

Brought To You By The Letter “E”

I’m talking about the dedicated coworking spaces that will perpetuate the coworking movement. What I am talking about is the coworking spaces that represent a critical infrastructure for a new and growing workforce of people who have their own dreams and passions that have been either sandbagged or sidelined. I’m talking about the estimated 40% of people by 2020 that will work where, when, why and how they want. These spaces are exciting, energetic, enthusiastic, and surely at least one more positive word that starts with “e”.

Loyalty Isn’t Rewarded

We’ve seen in Calgary that company loyalty is not rewarded or a safety net. I know several people that have worked for companies for 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years that have been laid off due to the slump in oil. As much as this is a sad and uncomfortable thing, it presents such an amazing opportunity for Calgary.

Rallying Together

Look at the 2013 floods in Calgary. We rarely talk about the amount of money that was lost, the damage that occurred, or any other negative. We instead choose to focus on how our city rallied together around a commonality of building our ourselves back up. What’s exciting is that there are thousands of people that share this mentality all around us and will encourage you to build your own dream.

Tony Bacigalupo, “Mayor” of New Work City (A coworking space in New York) probably said it best:

“It is a window into a fundamentally new way of thinking about our relationship with our work. It is made possible by the latest technology but it is rooted in our most fundamental and timeless human nature. It exists because of our innate need to share, help, and socialize with one another.

And it is playing a critical role in helping shape a world in which anyone can pursue work they believe in on their terms, and find others with whom to share their pursuit.

The world needs Coworking. The world needs it to be bigger, more diverse, more helpful, and more beautiful.

Coworking is yours to share, remix, and experiment with. So get cracking!”

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