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ScaleUp YEG Followup

Dear community: This week was ScaleUP YEG and parts of the event were scheduled to take place at Work Nicer. I wrote a blog post about it. This blog post has caused a lot of problems, has unfairly called into question Paul’s reputation, and I’d like to follow up with a few things. I recognize […]

Right vs. Easy

Before you get to the original post, I’d like to add an update: To Paul: Thank you for our one-on-one discussions and your willingness to have conversation . This all happened really fast and I should have taken greater steps to talk to you first or not mentioned your name specifically in my post without […]

Three Years Of Work Nicer [4 min]

Today marks exactly the third year since the doors opened at Work Nicer. It seems like it was far less than a year ago when I wrote this post about turning two. Alas, here we are, another year. In the post from last year I reminisced about the very first Work Nicer home and now […]

You Can’t Always Be The Bread Winner [2 min]

In November after several months of coordinating,  I was finally able to sync up with German from Modern Manhood in Edmonton to record a podcast. German runs an awesome podcast that concentrates on the lives and viewpoints of many different male voices talking about their own masculinity. We talk a lot about vulnerability and transparency. These […]

Two Years Of Work Nicer [4 min]

Exactly two years ago today three things happened. My younger brother, Mackenzie, turned 26 years oldBritney Spears turned 34 years oldWork Nicer was born It’s absolutely crazy to me that that it’s already been two years since opening the doors. Ten of my friends that believed in the idea of Work Nicer agreed to move […]

Release Your Inner Entrepreneur [2 min]

I never really actually defined myself as an Entrepreneur. My friends and acquaintances have kind of just started doing that on their own so eventually I figured I should start using it myself. But I have always loved business. My folks have owned several small businesses. I made my first business card when I was […]