Hey. I'm Alex.

Loving Husband. Entrepreneur.

Apple Fanboy. College Dropout.

Student of Life.

Thanks for saying hey! It's my true pleasure to tell you a bit about what I'm up to. The TL;DR version? I might say yes to things too often and I especially enjoy helping others get what they want from whatever it is they are up to. Everything I'm involved with comes from a "Give First" mentality.

As you can see below, my time is quite committed but I do make myself available for a limited amount of consulting engagements. If you think I could add value to your project, please get in touch with me using the bubble in the bottom right of the screen to chat about this, or anything else for that matter.

Most of my day is spent working as the Founder of Work Nicer Coworking. Work Nicer provides our members with more than just a physical location to call their own, offering workplace necessities and an environment that connects them to some of Calgary's most exciting entrepreneurs. Since opening in December of 2015 our community now includes over 100 members as we continue to grow.

In 2010 I founded Cura, a tech-focused, forward-thinking security and automation company. We service BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. We operate in multiple verticals including residential, light commercial, and large commercial special projects.

In June 2014 I co-founded the organization 100 Men Who Give A Damn, a powerful group where us guys gather together four times a year and donate $100 each to a local charity. Our mission is to build an army of men who give a damn about the community and each other. We've raised over $120,000 for local charities since the beginning.

I acquired San-Fransisco based startup, the internet-enabled callbox helper that answers the phone and does smart things like open automatically during certain hours, ask for a PIN, call multiple people, send an SMS alerts. We specialize in making the lives of short-term rental & property management companies streamline their operations.

I'm pleased to be a Mentor to the Entrepreneur Accelerator ATB X. ATB X works with 20 select entrepreneurs at a time by providing mentorship, strategic support, co-working space and access to a network catered to driving local entrepreneurship and innovation to new heights. The program is open to entrepreneurs from any industry that choose ATB as the trusted partner for their business.

Previously, I served as President at BNI Integrity. BNI Integrity is a dynamic group of around 40 business owners who gather for the purpose of generating business for each other. We generated over $6M in revenue during my 30 months of leadership - the most since it's inception.

I've invested and/or advise the following companies

Investor: CMNGD - CMNGD (pronounced COMMONGOOD) is a transitional employment model, providing people living in our homeless shelters on the job experience and mentoring, at a living wage, through a linen laundry service tailored for the hospitality industry.

Investor: Muzooka - Muzooka powers the live music industry with tools for venues, artists, managers, promoters, festivals, and agents.

Investor & Advisor: Viewcake - Viewcake let's your audience share your presentations in real time enabling presenters to annotate and share each slide of a presentation with a team or via social.

Investor & Advisor: - Built for Social Media Managers. No more dry spreadsheets. With Socialveil you can visualize your content calendar and see what you have planned for your social media strategy at a glance.

Studied Business at Lethbridge College. Dropped out.
Spent half of the last decade living in 10 cities throughout Canada & the US.
Grew up on a farm in small-town Alberta and call Lethbridge "home".
Diagnosed ADHD.

Hit up that little bubble in the bottom right of the screen and connect however you'd like.